Holidays in June 2022: Lenders over the next month of June will see significantly fewer public and private sector holidays. As a new month starts in a few days, a new set of public holidays will also apply. This means that there will be a new list of public holidays in June this year. There are only eight public holidays in June, six of which are weekends. The list of public holidays next month has already been prepared by the Reserve Bank of India, or RBI, which makes a plan at the beginning of each year under which lenders get their annual leave. On public holidays notified by the RBI, branches of all public, private, foreign banks, cooperative banks and regional banks remain closed.

Banks in all private and public sectors in India will remain closed for up to eight days in May, according to the list prepared by the RBI. Holidays come into effect under three categories including “Negotiable Instruments Act Holiday”, “Negotiable Instruments Act Holiday and Real-Time Gross Settlement Holiday” and “Close Accounts of banks”. A public holiday is effective due to the “bank accounts closing” on April 1, when the majority of banks across the country remain closed, while the “public holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act” categorization records the greatest number of public holidays.

There are only two public holidays this month under the Public Holidays Act in the form of negotiable instruments, while the other six are weekend holidays. This is probably the month with the fewest public holidays, as there are only two public holidays in June under the Negotiable Instruments Act. In the meantime, it should be noted that public holidays come into effect, in most cases, depending on the region in which a particular branch is located. This means that most holidays are region specific. This applies to public holidays in June.

For example, banks in Shillong will be closed on May 9 for Maharana Pratap Jayanti, while there is no public holiday on the day in other parts of the country.

Here is the complete list of public holidays in June 2022 (from June 1, 2022)

List of holidays according to the Public Holidays Act under negotiable securities

June 2: Maharana Pratap Jayanti — Shillong

June 15: YMA Day / Birthday of Guru Hargobind Ji / Raja Sankranti – Aizawl, Bhubaneshwar, Jammu, Srinagar

Apart from that, there are six weekends when banks will be closed across the country. These are mentioned below

List of weekend holidays

June 5: Sunday

June 11: Second Saturday

June 12: Sunday

June 19: Sunday

June 25: fourth saturday

June 26: fourth saturday

So, if you have bank related jobs, you should contact your local branch to confirm public holidays in June this year as per your area to avoid any hassle.

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