THE CUSTOMS BUREAU (BoC) said goods imported for personal use valued at less than 50,000 pesos will be cleared through an informal entry process to separate them from larger commercial shipments.

The Customs Administrative Order (CAO) 02-2021 establishes the rules for imports which will be subject to an informal entry process. This covers imported goods with a “free on board” or “free carrier” value of less than 50,000 pesos, and are used only for personal consumption. Shipments where the declared value exceeds the amount will have to go through a formal entry process.

The BoC said the threshold can be raised or lowered by the commissioner and with the approval of the finance secretary.

“[The CAO was issued] identify and separate the importation of personal and household effects and other qualified non-commercial goods, not intended for sale and commerce, from the mainstream of commercial importation of highly taxable goods intended for commercial purposes, ”states the prescription. A copy of the order was published in a newspaper on Sunday.

The informal entry process also covers imports subject to tax or duty-free, such as returning residents and Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW), and balikbayan boxes sent by OFWs. Also covered are shipments of personal effects of foreign consultants and experts, foreigners or Filipinos relocating to the Philippines, foreign diplomats and their families, and officers and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments. posted abroad.

The goods declaration will be lodged in the BoC’s mobile electrical system (e2m) for now, while the office has yet to set up its informal entry system.

The office said the goods declaration must be lodged within 15 days of leaving the ship or aircraft, but the deadline can be extended for an additional 15 days if the importer’s request is valid.

Reasons for extension include fraud against the owner, importer or consignee; force majeure; technical problems; or if there has been an accident, error or negligence.

Shipments cleared through the informal entry process will be inspected using an x-ray machine or through a mandatory physical examination if there is no equipment.

Containerized cargo and all cargo that will be placed in airport warehouses will also be subject to mandatory x-ray inspections, with the exception of the personal luggage of diplomats. – Beatrice M. Laforga

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