TOKYO and JAKARTA, June 22, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk (CIMB Niaga) and PT JCB International Indonesia (JCB), as a subsidiary of JCB International Co. Ltd., have launched the CIMB Niaga JCB Card OCTO Digital credit card in Jakarta on June 22, 2022. This digital or virtual technology credit card was developed based on the rapid growth in demand for online transactions and credit card technology. The digital credit card offers a number of improvements. It allows the user to apply for CIMB Niaga JCB OCTO Card digital credit card anytime and anywhere, and it also provides a safer and easier payment method for online transactions using a password. one-time pass (OTP).

Director of Consumer Banking CIMB Niaga Noviady Wahyudi said, “CIMB Niaga continues to innovate to develop the digital customer experience by integrating various products and services into the awesome OCTO mobile application, which makes it easier for people to respond to their financial needs. Recently, we innovated to introduce the CIMB Niaga JCB OCTO Card digital credit card, which provides a complete digital transaction experience for users,” Noviady said.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of PT JCB International Indonesia, Takumi Takahashi said, “The launch of this new digital credit card shows our successful collaboration with CIMB Niaga and our commitment to meeting the demand for digital transactions in Indonesia. We believe that with this new Digital Credit Card, customers can experience the uniqueness of JCB.”

The issuance of the CIMB Niaga JCB OCTO Card digital credit card is an initiative of CIMB Niaga and JCB to provide an easier, faster and safer online transaction experience. All transactions will be verified by entering a random two (2) digit OCTO Mobile PIN, and online transactions at most online merchants that have 3D Secure in place are protected by a user-defined password. unique (OTP) sent to a bank mobile number. These features minimize the risk of online fraud and loss due to card theft. Customers also have the option to immediately block their CIMB Niaga JCB OCTO Card digital credit card via the CIMB Niaga OCTO Mobile.

With the fast online application process for the digital credit card, customers will have easier and instant access to their credit cards at checkout, without having to carry a physical credit card. Overall, this new digital credit card is a convenient and hassle-free way to transact instantly.

Key features and benefits of this digital credit card include 10% cash back for online transactions through CIMB Niaga OCTO Mobile, Free installment fee with 3 month tenure for minimum retail transactions of 500,000 Rp and free annual fee. For detailed information, please visit:

CIMB Niaga JCB OCTO Card digital credit card customers can use the card with the above features and benefits at more than 100,000 offline and online merchants in Indonesia.

About CIMB Niaga

CIMB Niaga was established as Bank Niaga in 1955. Approximately 92.5% of the shares of CIMB Niaga (including those held by PT Commerce Kapital of 1.02%) are held by the CIMB Group. CIMB Niaga offers comprehensive conventional and Shariah banking products and services through a network of 428 offices as of June 30, 2021, consisting of 358 branches, 37 digital lounges and 33 mobile branches. CIMB Niaga has 12,389 employees (consolidated) as of June 30, 2021.

CIMB Group is the second largest financial services provider in Malaysia and one of ASEAN’s leading universal banking groups. The products and services it offers include consumer banking products and services, investment banking, Islamic banking, asset management and insurance. CIMB Group is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and operates in all ASEAN member countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines). In addition to the ASEAN region, CIMB Group has also established offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, USA, UK and Korea. CIMB Group shares are listed in Bursa Malaysia through CIMB Group Holdings Berhad. As of June 30, 2021, the group has a market capitalization value of $11.1 billion.

About JCB

JCB is a leading global payment brand and a leading credit card issuer and acquirer in Japan. JCB started its card business in Japan in 1961 and began expanding globally in 1981. Its acceptance network includes approximately 39 million merchants worldwide. JCB cards are now issued primarily in Asian countries and territories, with over 140 million cardholders. As part of its international growth strategy, JCB has formed alliances with hundreds of leading banks and financial institutions around the world to increase its merchant coverage and cardholder base. As a provider of comprehensive payment solutions, JCB is committed to delivering responsive, high quality service and products to all of its customers worldwide. For more information, visit:

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