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Our quick setting: The Citi Priority checking account offers an exceptional bonus of up to $ 1,500, although high deposit requirements apply. But the account comes with mobile and online banking access, and Citi operates more than 65,000 free ATMs nationwide.


  • Earn a $ 300, $ 700 or $ 1,500 cash bonus when you maintain a minimum eligible balance and complete required activities.
  • Citi mobile banking and online bill payment.
  • Access to over 65,000 toll-free ATMs in the United States.
  • Refer your friends and family for more bonus money.

The inconvenients:

  • High fee money deposit required to earn the bonus.
  • Must maintain an average minimum balance of $ 50,000 on all qualifying accounts to avoid a monthly service charge of $ 30.
  • The bonus will be reported to the IRS as interest for the account’s first signer.

Best for: Wealthy people who have a big stash of cash to park somewhere and want to earn a big bonus for opening a new checking account, as well as those who want convenient access to free ATMs almost anywhere in the country.

Find Out How To Qualify For Up To $ 1,500 In Bonus Cash When You Open A New Citi priority current account.

If you have a large sum of money and are looking for a new checking account that pays out a big bonus, the Citi Priority Account is worth checking out. Currently, until January 4, 2022, you can earn a cash bonus of $ 300, $ 700 or $ 1,500 when you maintain a minimum eligible balance and complete the required activities.

The bonus amount is linked to the amount of funds you deposit from a non-Citi account within 30 days of opening a new Citi Priority checking account. It breaks down as follows:


The amount of your Citi Priority bonus will depend on the amount of fresh money you deposit and keep in the account.

These are high deposit thresholds to hit, but they may be achievable for those who want to move their emergency funds to Citi, as well as for those who are saving for a large expense. In particular, the first level of $ 300 bonus only requires a new deposit of $ 15,000 in the first 20 days.

You must also maintain your balance for at least 60 consecutive calendar days after depositing it in order to earn the bonus. However, the account charges a monthly fee of $ 30 unless you maintain at least $ 50,000 in eligible linked Citi deposit, retirement and investment accounts beyond the initial offer period, so you will need to plan to keep at least that amount in your accounts for a long time. term to avoid being billed.

Open a new Citi priority checking account with a potential cash bonus of $ 1,500.

The biggest benefit of opening a Citi Priority checking account is the potential cash bonus of up to $ 1,500. You will need to transfer a significant amount of new money to the account to qualify, but you can get a return on those funds relatively quickly, in which case you can decide whether or not to continue with the account.

Another advantage of the Citi Priority Account is its extensive ATM network, which includes 65,000 free ATMs across the country. For those who still prefer to bank in person, Citi has a significant global presence, with more than 2,600 branches in 19 countries, including nearly 700 in the United States. However, while the bank’s ATMs are prevalent, its branches are concentrated in a handful of states.

With 65,000 toll-free ATMs, you'll have no problem accessing your money from a Citi Priority checking account.

With 65,000 toll-free ATMs, you’ll have no problem accessing your money from a Citi Priority checking account.

But even if you don’t have a branch nearby, with the Citi Priority Account, you also get easy access to Citi’s mobile banking features, including online bill payment. Citi also has a referral program which allows you to earn more money when you refer friends to Citi and they also open a new account.

Finally, Citi Priority comes with some elite travel and banking benefits. For example, account holders are exempt from certain fees on chargebacks, inbound wire transfers, money orders and more. Members also do not benefit from overseas transaction fees on purchases made with the Citi Priority debit card.

Access more than 65,000 toll-free ATMs with a new Citi Priority Account.

By far the biggest downside to this account is the large amount that you have to deposit and keep in order to earn the bonus. Additionally, even after you have deposited enough into your new account in the first 20 days and held it for at least 60 days to earn the bonus, you must maintain a balance of at least $ 50,000 on your eligible Citi accounts. to avoid the $ 30 monthly maintenance fee.

If you decide instead to just pay the monthly fees on an ongoing basis, they will quickly eat away at the bonus you earned for opening the account. In fact, at $ 30 per month, you would be billed $ 300 in fees in just 10 months. worth it.

The fine print in this offer is also quite stark. For example, in the terms and conditions it says that “if your balance falls into a lower balance level even for one day during the maintenance period, your maximum bonus will change”. You must therefore be extremely sure that you do not fall below the threshold for 60 days after the first deposit of the money.

In addition, according to the terms, the cash bonus is paid within 90 calendar days after you have completed all required activities, which means you can commit to this account for up to 180 days, since you have up to to 20 days to Deposit the money first, then you need to hold it for an additional 60 days, then another 90 days may pass before you actually get the bonus.

Finally, remember that this checking bonus will need to be reported as interest income on your tax return. This makes it a little less valuable when you compare it to credit card rewards, which are generally considered a refund and therefore are not factored into the income tax calculation.

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If you plan to deposit and keep at least $ 200,000 with Citi, you may want to consider another Citi account option.

If you plan to deposit and keep at least $ 200,000 with Citi, you may want to consider another Citi account option.

Those able to reach the next level of Citi Priority bonus with at least $ 200,000 in deposits might consider the Citigold® Checking Account as an alternative. Currently, through January 4, 2022, you can also get up to $ 1,500 in bonuses when you open a Citigold® account and deposit and maintain a combined average monthly balance of at least $ 200,000 in eligible linked deposit, retirement and investment accounts.

However, you will get additional benefits with your Citigold® status. Chief among these benefits is a dedicated team of financial planners who can provide investment advice and Citi Personal Wealth Management resources, including a Wealth Relationship Manager and Citi Personal Wealth Management Wealth Advisor.

You will also benefit from a preferential rate on certain deposit products, a fee waiver (including no foreign transaction fees with your Citigold® debit card when traveling) and access to the Citigold® concierge, as well as all the other benefits normally included in the Citi Priority package. And the Citigold® checking account has no monthly service fees when you maintain a combined balance of at least $ 200,000.

Note that just like the Citi Priority bonus offers, you must maintain your balance of $ 200,000 + for at least 60 consecutive calendar days in order to earn the full Citigold® bonus of $ 1,500, and this clock does not start until after the First 20 days that you need to make the initial deposits after opening the online account have expired. The bonus is then paid out within 90 calendar days after you have completed all required activities.

Earn up to $ 1,500 bonus when you deposit and keep over $ 200,000 in a new Citigold® Current account.

If you’re currently looking for a new checking account and have at least $ 15,000 that you can keep on deposit for at least several months, the Citi Priority Account is worth considering. Remember that once you have earned the bonus you will need to continue with at least $ 50,000 in your eligible Citi accounts to avoid a monthly account fee of $ 30.

These are important requirements to fulfill, and keep in mind that many other checking accounts with bonus offers come with lower minimum deposit requirements. Before opening a new account, make sure that the bonus is worth it and that you can qualify to earn it easily.

Learn more about the Citi Priority Account and how to earn up to $ 1,500 in bonuses.

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