Sunday 20 June 2021

Based on the National Weather Service forecast, tropical weather conditions are expected to affect the UNCW area overnight (Sunday June 20) and until the early hours of the morning tomorrow (June 21). Current predictions are that Claudette will overtake southeastern North Carolina early Monday.

At this time, the circumstances do not warrant a change in UNCW’s operational schedule. As such, the university does not anticipate any change in employee health status under the Adverse Weather Policy.

If conditions change, the university will send updates to faculty, staff, and students. Please continue to monitor your email on campus, the UNCW homepage and UNCW social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter). Pay close attention to your campus inbox (subject lines with “Weather” or “Alert” deserve special attention) and Facebook as these are the sources of information that will likely be updated first in case of development. Monitor the National Weather Service and local media for current information on storm conditions.

Courses, meals on campus, MarineQuest
The storm will not affect the summer semester lessons. The traditional summer session of UNCW I ended on June 17th; the summer II session is due to start on June 28. The Accelerated Online Program (OAP) courses will continue as scheduled. Students living on campus should check the Campus Dining hours of operation on Sunday evenings.

For now, MarineQuest camps starting Monday will remain as planned. If conditions warrant a change, the information will be shared on the MarineQuest website.

Increased risk of reverse currents, tornadoes

National Weather Service forecasts indicate an increased risk of reverse currents along the beaches near the main UNCW campus. Avoid entering the ocean in affected areas until the threat has passed. Please visit the NWS Current Rip Risk site for more information.

A high risk of tornadoes is expected to affect the UNCW area overnight. In the event of a tornado warning, the university will activate the UNCWAlert emergency notification system, which includes voice and text messages. During a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately. Move to an interior hallway or room on the ground floor of the building, avoid windows, and take shelter under a desk or heavy piece of furniture. Wait for a clear message from UNCW. Updates will be shared when available. All students and employees must keep their cell phones charged and on for the duration of the storm.

Thank you for the continued attention to your safety and that of your fellow Seahawks.


National Hurricane Center

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