Two suspects who stole millions of lira from a private Istanbul bank on Wednesday were apprehended on Friday as they attempted to flee Turkey to Georgia from the Sarp border crossing in northeastern Artvin province. east of the country.

The equivalent of 2.5 million TL ($134,000) in Turkish lira and foreign currency was discovered on the suspects, who were later identified as Colombian nationals. The robbery, which was filmed by security cameras, allegedly took place when bank staff were not at their posts.

Police responded to the incident which took place at the private bank on Büyükdere Avenue in the Mecidiyeköy district of Istanbul around 1.30pm on Wednesday and identified the criminals as Colombian nationals JLGS (43) and JAC (40 ). The suspects were apprehended during follow-up questioning as they attempted to cross into Georgia from Turkey.

The duo were caught with 23,000 euros, $54,550, 2,560 pounds, 131,090 TL and 557 Colombian pesos. The Colombian suspects were then sent to the Istanbul Security Directorate’s public security branch to record their statements.

The suspects were found to have carried out the heist after entering the bank as customers when staff left a counter unattended. Captured on security camera wearing a hat and a black suit, one of the suspects is seen sitting on a sofa with other customers when the bank employee gets up from his desk and walks away.

The suspect then stands up, looks around, and begins to walk towards the counter when he sees another employee leaving. After the second employee leaves, the suspect begins to walk around the bank before going behind the counter and directly reaching for the money bagged and lying on the floor. While trying to avoid attracting the attention of other patrons, he stuffs the bag he brought with him and quickly makes his way out with his accomplice who was keeping lookout.

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