Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stasa Kosarac, said that last week veterinary inspectors from the European Commission’s Health and Food Safety Directorate carried out several days of checks to determine the eligibility of red meat exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the EU market. .

He pointed out that during this period, European veterinary inspectors carried out the necessary checks in the facilities observed in the export-oriented economic entities of the two BiHs. entity, according to the ministry.

“This is the second level supervision within the framework of the approval procedure for the export of red meat to the European market, after successfully completing the first phase and receiving an assessment of the questionnaire from the European Commission with additional recommendations,” Kosarac said.

He said that during the final meeting at the Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European audit team presented preliminary conclusions and found shortcomings, after which a written report will be submitted to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Based on the report, we will draw up an action plan in cooperation with the Veterinary Office of BiH and the competent bodies of Republika Srpska, the Federation of BiH and the district of Brcko.” “Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible to the requirements set on the basis of recommendations and to enable national businessmen to place red meat on the large European market,” Kosarac stressed.

He said that the EU remains Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most important trading partner, which participates in total foreign trade with more than 72% of exports, and that further efforts are needed to open the European market with 500 million potential consumers for domestic agricultural products. producers.

“We are fully committed to creating policies and solutions that will open up the European market for our manufacturers. Without diminishing its importance, we are aware that due to the disturbances in the global market, we must open the possibility of placing in the markets of other countries, such as China, Russia, the Eurasian Economic Union, Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the like,” Kosarac said.