As of today, Auckland Council is soliciting public comments on the new 2022 Trading, Events and Filming Public Regulation.

This regulation will replace the current Regulation respecting exchanges and events in public places 2015, which expires next year.

The by-law aims to minimize the risks to public safety, nuisance and misuse of public places controlled by the council.

While there is no change in the specific rules regarding the management of rental micromobility devices such as electric scooters and e-bikes, the new regulation clarifies, among other things, business activities that require approval, including including rental micromobility devices.

Council Regulatory Committee Chair Councilor Linda Cooper said the concept of electric scooter ridesharing systems was barely heard when the bylaw was last revised in 2015.

“The main changes we are proposing are to ensure that the language is simple, clear and modern enough to reflect changes in our way of life, such as clearly identifying rental micromobility devices as an activity requiring approval,” said Councilor Cooper.

Although the council proposes to continue to regulate commerce, events and filming in public places controlled by the council in the same way as the current regulation, the council proposes to make three main improvements in 2022, including:

  • clarify the need for rental micromobility devices to be approved under their own license instead of a mobile store license as is currently the case;
  • specify which activities require approval, which do not require approval as long as certain conditions are met, and which are not addressed in this by-law;
  • update the title, structure, format, definitions and wording to ensure that a new regulation is easier to read, understand and adhere to.

“The changes we are proposing will streamline the regulations, make them more permanent, and make the rules easier to understand and follow so that we can prioritize safety while still allowing commerce, events and filming on premises. Auckland audiences. “

The consultation on the proposed new rulebook runs from Tuesday June 8 to Friday July 16, 2021, after which Aucklanders’ views will be considered by the Rules Committee before a new rule is put in place.

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