“We have entered the fourth wave of the virus,” he added. […] The dynamics of the epidemic are very strong, and we are seeing a wave that is faster and has a more pronounced peak than previous waves, ”government spokesman Gabriel Attal said at the press conference. after today’s cabinet meeting at the Elysee Palace.

The government official also said that the vast majority of detected cases, around 80%, came from the delta variant and that over the last week pollution had increased by 125%.

Faced with the development of the virus, the government will proceed with the imposition of the health permit from July 21 on cultural spaces, such as cinemas or museums, and in early August for bars and restaurants.

Bar and restaurant staff also need to be vaccinated to continue working.

Since President Emmanuel Macron announced the mandatory health card last week, 3.7 million French people have already identified the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and Gabriel Attal has confirmed that there are 9 million vaccines in stock and that France will receive 4 million doses per week. the end of August.

As of Sunday, 4,151 new cases have been detected in the country and 20 people have died from the virus. Overall, the number of new cases in France fell on Monday due to laboratory closures on Sunday.

There are currently 7,041 patients hospitalized with the virus and 902 of them are in intensive care.

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