Dubuque County Hospital Sunnycrest Mansion Monthly Board Meeting Minutes: Monday July 12, 2021 Member Present: S. Frank, J. Becker, N. Webster, S. Frick, K. Stevens and D. Dolter Absent Member: M. Muir Personnel present: D. Ettema, E. Gosche and J. Henry Ms. Frank opened the board meeting at 12:30 pm Ms. Becker and Ms. Frick made a motion to approve the minutes of the board of directors. administration of June 14, 2021. The motion was carried unanimously. Report of the administrator Mrs. Ettema made the following report: • The census is 68 in NF / 27 in ICF / ID. We had a Sunrise resident transfer to NF and admitted a new resident to our Sunrise unit. • We received our letters of compliance from the DIA and the Fire Marshal following our recent survey. • We are seeking county funding for the American Rescue Plan Act. • We did not obtain the deviations requested by CMS for our shared bathrooms in the east / west wing. Maintenance review of facilities-M. Henry gave the following report: • The booster pump has been installed and we now have 60 psi • The fireplace has been repaired. • The boilers are dismantled for annual inspection on July 13th. • Window cleaning is scheduled for August 23. We will rent an elevator to perform a high pressure washing of the building before washing the windows. • We received a quote of $ 106,000 for the replacement of the north wing window. • We have started to receive offers for the replacement of the flooring on the second floor. • The American Rescue Plan Act application criteria have been released. The request must be related to the Covid. Some ideas we have are for an upgrade to HVAC, plumbing, outdoor space, and broadband. We will form a committee to discuss our options. • Mr. Henry will call IWI to see if the maintenance building will support another floor. We will have a construction committee meeting on Monday July 19 to discuss the future with the East / West remodel. Mr. Stevens and Ms. Webster made a motion to approve the financial report and sign all checks. The motion is carried unanimously. New Business: • The board discussed the transfer of $ 3,700,000 in 2 different CDs at Fidelity. Ms. Frick and Ms. Webster brought forward a motion to move $ 1,850,000 to a 6-month CD at 0.2% and $ 1,850,000 to a 1-year CD at 0.2%. The motion was carried unanimously. The agenda being exhausted, the meeting rose at 1.45 p.m. Board of Directors / Sunnycrest Manor July 2021 complaint register: VISA payment, $ 2,927.39; Addoco, $ 100; Altorfer, $ 4,160; Fanatic of fire doors, $ 2,700; Giese Sheet, $ 1,534.02; Medline, $ 353.64; City Stone from the River, $ 104.50; Vrban fire, $ 150; Westphal & Company, $ 1,420; Sunnycrest Manor, $ 108,254.09 Total payments: $ 121,703.64 1t 9/19