The Petroleum and Energy Regulatory Authority (EPRA) is reviewing the requirements for oil road transport licences, tanker permits and driver certificates to incorporate additional safety requirements.

Requirements will include a defensive driving certificate for highway tanker drivers, periodic assessment of highway tanker compliance, submission of a detailed Roadside Emergency Response Plan (HERP) at the time of license application oil road transport.

In a statement, the Authority said it had set up a multi-agency team to develop guidelines that will ensure the issuance of special permits to foreign registered tankers and truck drivers when operating in Kenya.

“We continue to engage relevant stakeholders to ensure road oil transport related accidents are minimized.”

This follows an accident on March 12, 2022 near Mukhonje market along the Eldoret-Malaba highway, involving two road tankers and a truck carrying construction materials.

The Authority said that the two tankers were loaded with oil intended for export at the time and had been duly authorized by EPRA for the transport of oil by road.

“EPRA, together with the area traffic police, has launched detailed investigations to establish the root cause of the accident.”

EPRA also urged those engaged in oil transport to be extra vigilant following the increase in road accidents involving tankers.