In order to help Ukraine export its agricultural products, the European Commission has established “solidarity channels”. In the action plan, the European Commission urged EU market players to immediately make additional vehicles available to meet demand and supply requirements. The European Commission said 20 million tonnes of grain remained stuck in Ukraine as transport routes were blocked by Russia.

According to the statement issued by the European Commission, the Russian military offensive in Ukraine and the blockade of ports by the Kremlin have prevented Ukrainian cereals and other agricultural products from reaching their destination. The European Commission said the situation jeopardizes global security and called for the need to establish alternative logistics routes to use all modes of transport. The plan presented by the European Commission to help Ukraine export grain includes additional freight rolling stock, ships and trucks as well as prioritization of Ukrainian agricultural exports at borders, flexibility of customs operations and other inspections . In addition, the European Commission will assess the available storage and cooperate with Member States to ensure greater temporary storage capacity for Ukrainian exports on the territory of the European Union. In addition, the European Commission will work on increasing the infrastructure capacity of new export corridors and developing new infrastructure connections as part of Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Adina Valean calls for the introduction of new routes

Adina Valean, EU transport commissioner, said in the statement that 20 million tonnes of grain were to be transported from Ukraine in less than three months using EU infrastructure. Calling it a “gigantic challenge”, Adina Valean said it was essential to optimize supply chains and introduce new routes and avoid bottlenecks as much as possible. She pointed out that their communication addresses emergency solutions and integrates Ukraine’s infrastructure into the European Union. The development comes as several leaders, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, have expressed concern over Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea. Zelenskyy, in his address on Saturday May 14, called on the international community to support Ukraine in order to prevent global starvation. Zelenskyy urged countries to provide them with weapons so they could liberate their country “sooner”.

Image: AP

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