Electric vehicle enthusiasts showcased their cars at an event in Winnipeg on Saturday which an organizer said was a chance to connect with other enthusiasts and a way to show off the benefits of buying an unpowered car at the ‘gasoline.

Robert Elms, president of the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association, said he recently saw a spike in people across the province examining them.

“The increase, it’s happening so quickly now,” Elms said in a parking lot outside of Ikea Winnipeg for manitobaEVfest 2021.

He said last year that there were over 600 people in Manitoba with electric vehicles, and he believes that number will surpass 1,000 by the end of this year.

More and more manufacturers have launched their own electric vehicles in recent years, which Elms says is helping to fuel this trend.

He said he hoped events like this weekend’s would help push that number even higher.

“[We want] to let members of the public know, “What makes electric vehicles so incredibly special?” “”, did he declare.

Elms said he thinks battery-powered vehicles are the perfect choice for Manitobans – their fuel costs are cheaper, you don’t have to wait as long for their engines to warm up in the winter and with spark plugs. block heaters everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about where to charge.

“This is the perfect place to own and operate an electric vehicle,” he said.

“Because gasoline is so much more expensive than electricity… after switching to an electric vehicle, the average Manitoban saves over $ 200 a year on their fuel bill,” he said, adding that Battery-powered cars also require much less maintenance than gasoline-powered ones, which require regular oil changes, for example.

Elms said he’s driven just about every model of EV, so he should know that.

“Manitoba is made for electric vehicles.

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