Pakistan-made JF-17 Thunder fighter plane with cooperation from China gains international recognition with more export orders.

While Nigeria and Myanmar have already integrated these jets into their fleets, Argentina is the latest country to signal its intention to purchase twelve JF-17 Thunder Block III aircraft.

The South American country has officially included $ 664 million in funding for the purchase of the fighter jets in a draft budget for 2022.

What is really a matter of satisfaction for us is that the Argentine Air Force has selected our planes by rejecting offers from other countries like the United States, Russia and India.

There is no doubt that the JF-17 has enormous potential, as it has a lot of value at a low price to meet specific defense needs.

While our flying machine has already proven its ability and agility in aerial combat with India in 2019, the latest version of the JF-17 Thunder is a Generation 4 multirole supersonic fighter aircraft more capable of performing Combat air patrols, air bans, integrated battle beyond visual range, long range sea strikes, safe distance precision ground strikes, and electronic warfare.

We are convinced that this purchase by Argentina will prove to be an important step and will also stimulate new buyers from other destinations.

In the past, countries such as Malaysia, Azerbaijan and Egypt have also expressed interest in our planes and we need to engage with them in order to get export orders from there as well.

The sale of these planes is good news for our defense industry, which has become well established over the years.

It has developed the potential not only to meet its needs at the national level, but also to export products to other countries. Our Al-Zarrar tanks have traveled to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nigeria.

In fact, selling fighter jets will also help us further strengthen our defense industry on modern lines and earn valuable foreign currency.

In view of Pakistan’s excellent relations with both China and Turkey, our authorities concerned should also explore other possibilities of concluding joint defense enterprises with these countries.

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