Financial expert Dr Dan Plumley said Football initiate that the Premier League bailout for the Football League will be welcomed by Sunderland.

According to a recent report by Evening standard, top flight clubs are said to have pledged to provide the lower levels of the English pyramid with a £ 20million support fund to help them recover from the financial impact of the pandemic.

In total, the Premier League has pledged to provide funds worth £ 100million to clubs in leagues one and two over the next four seasons.

Speaking of how the support found might be received by some clubs, Plumley said the following:

“This money will help short-term cash flow. For some, it is a significant sum. Arguably, however, it won’t make a huge difference to Sunderland’s tastes.

“But any additional money is extremely welcome as the clubs are still battling the effects of the pandemic and will do so for years to come. “

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As discussed later in the same report, Sunderland suffered a loss of £ 2.6million as a result of the pandemic which led to the closed door, resulting in numerous lost revenue.

The Black Cats are now aiming to regain the upper hand after the supporters return to the stadiums.

The verdict

Make no mistake, this money will certainly be well received by Sunderland at a time when they try to balance the books of the Stadium of Light.

As well as providing them with more money to help close the deficit caused by the pandemic, it could also help free up more transfer funds for Lee Johnson.

We may not have seen as much investment in the club this summer as many expected due to the limits placed on the club’s ability to spend big.

However, once they find themselves in a healthier financial situation, Kyril Louis-Dreyfus may well loosen the purse strings somewhat.

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