The Agro-Industry Development Authority will hold a training on “Agricultural Export and Import” from June 20 to 24. According to a press release, the training will cover agricultural export and import procedures, product selection, documentation, logistics, marketing and supply. It is open to 20 people and farmers, women, final year students, graduates and young people can participate. The cost per participant is ₹11,800. For more details contact: Agribusiness Development Directorate, TNAU or mail to [email protected] / [email protected] or call 0422-6611310.

Symposium held

A “Supplier Development Program – Interaction with MSMEs” was conducted recently at Airforce Station, Sulur. Organized by 5 Base Repair Depot (5 BRD), it was a knowledge sharing platform that aimed to gather information on the latest developments, capabilities and quality requirements of the partner with the IAF. Airworthiness procedures and requirements were discussed. The event brought together 35 individual partners through CDIIC-CODISSIA.

Infrastructure support for schools

The Walkaroo Group of Companies provided infrastructure support for two public schools in Chettipalayam.

As part of the group’s CSR offerings to the social sector, the organization helped the Government Higher Secondary School and the Panchayat Union Primary School to set up a modern sanitation system. This involved renovating the toilets and major plumbing work in the girls’ and boys’ toilets. Apart from providing desks and benches for the two schools, the group has also started a project to digitally upgrade the library at Chettipalayam Government Higher Secondary School, according to a press release.

Financial support for marginalized farmers

Lawrencedale Agro Processing (LEAF) provides organized financial services to marginalized farmers. It has introduced a multitude of structured and personalized financial products and services for marginalized farmers. He structured a model through which agricultural inputs – such as seeds, crop nutrition and crop protection products – are provided to marginalized farmers through a controlled distribution process. “We are bringing about a fundamental structural change in the way marginalized farmers approach financial services. We empower farmers to understand the value of transactions through the banking system, make them understand the value of a legitimate banking system and help them get there,” said Palat Vijayaraghavan, Founder and CEO of LEAF.