It would be easy to attribute Biden’s decline to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, but, as the data shows, Biden has been on a downward trend for some time. The truth is that he is losing ground on a number of key issues.

The coronavirus pandemic, for example, had been one of Biden’s best issues. He was trusted more than former President Donald Trump to handle it poll after poll in last year’s election. Trump probably would have won in 2020 if people had trusted him more.

Biden’s coronavirus approval rating had always been in the 1960s for the first six months of his presidency. It went down to age 50 in July and went down to age 50 in August.

Biden’s overall approval rating has declined at a similar rate to his coronavirus pandemic approval rating.

The problem for Biden is that people react to what they see on the pitch. Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are the upper they have been since the beginning of the year, because the Delta variant has established itself in the United States. Following people are afraid to catch coronavirus than they have since the start of spring, when vaccines became widely available. Most Americans believe the worst of the virus is still ahead of us, which is a change from the start of this year.

Biden has also seen his numbers on the economy drop. In August, Biden’s average approval rating for the economy was just 47%. That’s down from the 51% it averaged over the month of July.

Again, this drop can be attributed to a reaction to real world events. Consumer confidence deteriorated sharply during the first half of August, according to the University of Michigan.
The drop in Biden’s economic approval rating should worry him. As I noted earlier, Biden’s economic approval rating is closely tied to his overall approval rating. Right now, both are at 47% in the poll average.
The worst thing for Biden is that the economy is seen as the second biggest problem (behind the coronavirus), according to Gallup. So it should come as no surprise that a drop in Biden’s economic approval rating coincides with a drop in his overall approval rating.

The decline in Biden’s approval ratings on the coronavirus and the economy has been punctuated by how Americans view him handling the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

In July, before the troop withdrawal, Biden averaged a 58% approval rating when it came to withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Biden’s average approval rating for Afghanistan is now only 34%. You rarely see anything close to a 24 point drop in a president’s handling of a problem in such a short time.

The fact that three big issues are going against Biden at the same time makes it difficult to understand what drives his overall approval rating down. It’s probably all three to some extent.

Indeed, the whole atmosphere of the country has plunged recently. Only 33% of the country say the country is heading in the right direction in an average of recent polls.

That 33% is notable because optimism in the country under Biden had reached levels it hadn’t seen for a long time. At the start of last month, 43% of Americans agreed the country was heading in the right direction. The last time 43% said the country was going in the right direction was in 2009.

The current 33% looks a lot more like the readings we saw on this metric during the Trump administration.

The big question for the future is how American minds change from here. One problem for Biden is that even when the last US troops leave Afghanistan, it likely won’t change people’s perceptions of the coronavirus or the economy.

Still, the fact that Biden’s ratings have changed as much as in the past month may indicate that Biden’s once stable ratings are more likely to change as previously thought.

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