The new harvest of Chinese ginger had already harvested between the end of October and the beginning of November. The harvest is now in storage where the ginger undergoes the suberization process. Some exporters have already started exporting canned ginger, and the export of air-dried ginger will start at the end of December.

Terry, spokesperson for Shandong Harvest Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., spoke about conditions in the ginger growing areas in China. “The overall area devoted to planting ginger in the spring of this year was much larger than in previous years. The production volume per 0.07 hectare is approximately 5 tonnes. The overall production volume has increased by around 30%. And the quality of the products in the different production areas is good. The cost of ginger seeds has been quite high this year. In addition, the cost of agricultural resources and labor during harvesting has also increased. The overall cost of planting ginger was 10-20% higher than in previous years.

Shandong Harvest Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. mainly exports agricultural products to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. “We have already shipped some of our candied ginger to the Middle East. And the export of air-dried ginger to Europe will start in late December or early January, ”said Terry. “The price of ginger has dropped somewhat compared to last year, which has reduced the profit margin for ginger exporters. There are two main reasons for this development. Firstly, the shipping costs are quite high, so the export volume is rather low, and there is still a lot of ginger from last season in stock. Second, the production volume is quite large this year, and the prices in the producing areas are much lower than last year. Together, these two developments create a situation where the CIF price this season is expected to drop 30-40% from last year. “

“As for market demand, overseas markets are getting ready for Christmas. The European market is still selling last season’s ginger, which we shipped in November. This season’s first air-dried ginger, which will ship in late December, will arrive in late January. Our European customers tell us that the price of ginger in the market does not fluctuate much, but the demand is increasing. The conditions for the circulation of products on the European market are quite good. The peak period in the European market will likely continue until April. And we expect the export price of ginger to remain stable this year. Chinese ginger has a distinct advantage in the global ginger market.

Shandong Harvest Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. also exports a significant volume of organic ginger. Prices in production areas show a downward trend in all production areas. Although the prices of organic ginger and conventional ginger are almost the same in the production areas, the market price of organic ginger is much higher, due to additional laboratory tests during the planting and post processing stages. harvest, as well as the high cost of labor. The market price of organic ginger is US $ 100-200 per ton higher than the price of conventional ginger. Asked about the market demand for organic ginger, Terry replied that the volume of Chinese ginger production is huge, but few ginger farms meet the requirements of the European Union, and even fewer organic ginger farms meet. to the high standards required for export to the European market. . However, the main challenge for Chinese ginger exporters is rising shipping costs.

“The shipping cost for exporting to Southeast Asia was around $ 1,000 at most, but in recent months the price has jumped to $ 3,000-4,000. Shipping costs for exporting to the Middle East have also been high for months. The most recent shipping charges exceed $ 8,000. In addition, in recent months, many sea containers have been delayed. Sea containers on the route to Europe often arrive 15 days later than usual. We hope this problem will be quickly resolved in the new year.

Shandong Harvest Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. has years of experience in the strict control and processing of product quality for the export market. The company has long been certified by Global Gap, Grasp and Organic Products. In addition to ginger, the company also exports garlic, onions, taro, Ya pears, pomelo and Chinese chestnuts. The company has an annual production volume of around 1,000 sea containers. “Our company has more than enough ginger in stock to ensure a stable, long-term supply of top quality ginger products. And we welcome potential customers to contact us.

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