WESTFORD — Nashoba Valley Technical High School won three silver medals at the recent SkillsUSA National Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia.

“While we knew our students were proficient in their areas of expertise and received excellent instruction from their professors, we also knew they were up against top competitors in all 50 states and several U.S. territories, so we tempered our expectations. “, director Jeremy Slotnick said. “Ultimately, our students performed incredibly well.”

A total of seven students qualified for the National Conference after winning gold medals at the SkillsUSA State Conference.

Sophomore Aurora Condor of Chelmsford and sophomore Connor McCall of Pepperell won silver in audio-radio production, in which teams had to create a two-minute report on how high gas prices affect inflation, as well as two advertisements that would be shown during the report. There was also a written exam.

“When I heard we qualified for the Nationals I was filled with excitement and knew the work was just beginning,” said Connor. “Then I knew we had to do our best and make sure all the little things were in order. When I walked into the State Farm arena on the awards night, the emotions started. to knock me that i was there doing this once i saw my name on the screen i jumped because i never thought a pepperell kid would be able to achieve something like that.

“Getting the medal was one of the best feelings of my life because everyone in that arena was watching me, and I knew the hard work had paid off and the sleepless nights were finally over,” he said. -he adds.

Westford’s Junior Kaitlyn Landers won silver in cosmetology, during which contestants had to role-play as if they were employed in the field, coloring hair, styling a hairstyle to better showcase the color and performing three haircuts. There were also written and oral exams.

This was Kaitlyn’s second year at SkillsUSA, but her first time at the Nationals.

“It was such an incredible experience, not only to qualify to compete at the national level, but also to win a silver medal,” said Kaitlyn. “Before Nationals I was proud of my work, no doubt, but after Nationals I have this newfound confidence that has really helped me and will continue to help me do what I love and love. what I do.”

2022 graduate Matthew Lynch of Westford took silver in Industrial Motor Control, during which students had to read a circuit diagram and install a motor control circuit to meet the National Electrical Code and standards of industry.

A team of 2022 graduates that included Dominic Carbone from Townsend, Frank Horn from Townsend and Emily MacNeil from Dunstable placed fifth in the Career Pathways Showcase.

“Not only did our students demonstrate great competence and professionalism in their fields of study,” Slotnick said, “but they were also role models in the way they conducted themselves throughout throughout the week. They were kind to other contestants, demonstrated maturity and responsibility in all interactions with attendants and each other, arrived early to each meeting, and showed great patience whenever we encountered a setback. in our travels.