Netflix executives take a look at Streamer’s latest push, gaming. From kids’ rates to unscripted and local languages, we call it a part of the service like any other service. “It’s not another product. We are a one-product company, ”said the co-CEO. Ted Sarandos ..

He and other members of the company’s management spoke in an hour-long Q&A video after the results, digging a little deeper into the topics mentioned above in the letter to shareholders and the income statement. .

COO and COO Greg Peters has revealed several reasons Netflix believes the game can be successful.

– “The intellectual property that we create. Great worlds, stories, characters. We know the fans want a deeper engagement.

-No ads or in-game purchases. “It’s the most entertaining gaming experience. Many game developers are focused on the idea of ​​putting all of their creative energy into great gameplay, without compromise. This is what Cam does. That’s why it’s special for us. “

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Netflix co-CEO Ted Salands points out the idea of ​​buying live sports rights: “Our core product is on-demand and ad-free.”

-Improve the quality of the gaming experience and the range of devices.

“We want to be experimental… we want to maximize different groups of games through different mechanics, see what works, expand the IP, but also try out standalone games,” he said. It was. “Success is a big game and can come from a variety of sources. Someday you might see a game that produces a movie or series.
He said Netflix would initially license the game to increase volume as in-house production expands.

The financial success of the game, like the rest of the service, is measured by retaining existing subscribers and acquiring new subscribers.

Founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings said the company has been talking about video games for several years now. It “has cinematic properties. You can own intellectual property and have those long franchises. If you can master the skill set.

Asked about mergers and acquisitions, Vice President of the Treasury Spencer Wang said Netflix may be interested in content assets that accelerate the development of intellectual property for series and films. He looks in the library, but only if they’re not in the way. It will examine whether the money can be better spent elsewhere and what “distractions” a deal can provide.

One executive said in a letter earlier today that he had seen it all, but had yet to see anything convincing.

In the context of recent mergers and acquisitions, Sarands said Disney was able to turn the Mouse into a popular entertainment business by buying most of the entertainment assets from 20th Century Fox. For the rest, “we don’t know how they combine, combine or work,” he said.

Large amounts require more than volume. “When they are one [plus] 1 is equal to 3, or 1 [plus] 1 is equal to 4 instead of 1 [plus] 1 equals 2, which is what most of them are. “

Netflix Promotes No Ads, No Purchase Games – “Just Great Play” – Deadline

Source Link Netflix Promotes No Ads, No Purchase Games – “Just Great Play” – Deadline

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