Space Camp and the US Space and Rocket Center Museum in Alabama are in danger of closing permanently.

United States Space and Rocket Museum

Space camp is the ultimate destination for kids with stars (and planets) in their eyes who want to know all about space travel. However, since the quarantine against coronavirus, young people wishing to train to become future astronauts had to stay at home.

Space camp – hosted at US Space & Rocket Center at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama – has for 38 years educated and inspired students around the world, but now it is struggling due to lost profits due to closing its doors to visitors during quarantine.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a dramatic reduction in attendance at the United States Space and Rocket Center Museum and Space Camp, resulting in a significant drop in revenues and operating capital,” a- he added. crowdfunding page indicated. “With the limited number of international students and school groups this fall and winter, we are forced to once again close our weeklong camp programs until April 2021. These continued challenges have resulted in a devastating loss of both. third of our income. “

the Space Camp has launched a crowdfunding campaign hoping to raise $ 1.5 million to help pay for operating costs while the coronavirus lockdown continues. The Space and Rocket Center and the US Space Camp are not funded by the federal government and are not eligible for state or local financial relief, so the money will have to be collected, or both will be coerced. to close in October.

“The coronavirus pandemic has devastated our revenue streams, and without your support we are on the verge of having to close the doors of the US Space and Rocket Center Museum, Space Camp and its sister programs in October of this year,” Space and Rocket Center Education Foundation president Ben Chandler said in a video published July 27. “The fundraising would allow the camp to remain open until the spring of next year, just in time for what organizers hope will be a busy summer season free from the pandemic.”


Here’s a closer look at the realistic setting for training at Space Camp hosted by the US Space and Rocket Center Museum.

American Space and Rocket Museum

If the campaign hits its crowdfunding goal, it will save not only Space Camp, but America’s Space and Rocket Center itself, which is a popular tourist destination for space lovers. So far, the crowdfunding campaign has raised $ 549,021 of a goal of $ 1,500,000.

This Space Camp is not just a fun way to spend the summer; it can inspire children to pursue careers with NASA. Astronauts Sandra Magnus, Robert Hines, Kate Rubins and Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger all attended the Space Camp.

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