In a week when the Jacksonville Jaguars need to focus on their biggest rivals the Tennessee Titans, off-field issues appear to be hampering that. More specifically, the off-field actions of Jags coach Urban Meyer.

With video surfacing of Meyer gets danced by a stranger and seeming to touch her below the waist in a second video, many began to wonder how the Jags property would react. This is especially the case after Meyer told media that the situation was a simple matter of some people trying to get him to the dance floor, which doesn’t quite fit the videos.

Now with many eyes on the organization, owner Shad Khan has released a statement, and for now it looks like he will continue with Meyer although the Jags boss has said the freshman coach should. regain his trust and respect. .

I raised this issue with Urban. Details of our conversation will be kept confidential. What I will say is that his conduct last weekend was inexcusable. I appreciate Urban’s remorse, which I believe is sincere. Now he must regain our trust and respect. This will require a personal commitment from Urban to all who support, represent or play for our team. I am convinced he will deliver.

The Jags vs. Titans game will take place at TIAA Bank Field at 1 p.m. EST Sunday, and the following statement makes it sound like a lot could depend on it. Put simply, if the Jags can win, they wouldn’t be out of action in the playoffs watching the division play, which would make it easier for Khan to move on with Meyer despite not being honest with him. the public.

Regardless of what happens after Sunday’s game, however, it’s clear that the thing many fans feared – that Meyer is a distraction – is unfolding before our eyes. And now Khan’s questionable decision to hire a questionable candidate for the NFL and his organization is proving to be a month-to-month problem.

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