PHOENIX – “It’s so early, I don’t want to overreact to these numbers, but the record shows that we need to improve in this area.”

This line from Monty Williams on the Phoenix Suns three-point defense shows where the team is as a whole.

In four games they are 1-3 and have shown legitimate issues on both sides of the ball. Williams spoke to a few of those who trained Thursday night following a loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Even though the defense struggled against the Kings, it was better in an aspect that we’ll get to in a minute. The bigger issue was offense, where the Suns’ fluid system of quick decisions and the constant pressure on defense just wasn’t there.

Williams backed up a point advanced by forward Jae Crowder after the game that they will need more rhythm. On top of that, Williams has taken responsibility for the stretches where the Suns slowed down to try and organize with a play call instead of just playing fast through the system.

“I have to free up the offensive guys a little bit more to come out and play faster,” Williams said Thursday. “We haven’t generated the types of actions that allow us to go into 0.5 consistently.

“We turned down some shots, but I watched the movie, some of the play calls, some of the things the guys were trying to do to get what I wanted to do on the floor, I think it slowed us down. You could see it on the film. We just weren’t so connected offensively.

Williams said he wanted the team in particular to try to capitalize after the opposition took a shot, getting the ball in and up the ground to quickly enter a move that puts the defense on its back sooner.

“Go to environments and concepts more than calling plays,” he described it.

In defense, the Suns changed a lot more, especially everyone except centers on just about every opportunity they could when they did.

As Williams noted, Phoenix was much more physical, giving the effort a letter “B” rating, a big improvement over how they struggled defensively in the first three games.

Shooting goaltender Devin Booker aptly described it as “removing the gray area” with the way the team communicated while making the opponent feel them more when changing.

This part of the game was a step in the right direction, but all the basic issues were there.

“Every aspect of the game that we played at a high level last year, we’re not there right now,” said Williams.

Hope returns to something center Deandre Ayton said after the game, that the Suns’ six-minute comeback attempt in the fourth quarter brought back memories of the team they were that made it to the final. of the NBA.

The Suns already know what they are capable of.

“I think benchmarks are great just because I don’t have to say it,” Williams said of it. “The staff don’t have to say it. Chris, Jae, don’t have to say it anymore. Everyone on the team has those experiences and we can remember those moments, those points in these particular games. “

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