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Sydney Sweeney has asked people to ‘stop making assumptions’ after receiving backlash over photos taken at her mum’s birthday party showing right-handed style clothing.

The “Euphoria” star posted on Instagram on Saturday that she threw a “surprise bath” for her mother’s 60th birthday at a barn in Idaho, the state where she spent part of her childhood. She posted many photos of herself with her family, riding a mechanical bull and dancing.

But one of the photos Sweeney posted showed a man wearing a shirt with an apparent American flag with a thin blue line, which is usually associated with the slogan ‘Blue Lives Matter’, a reference to the police that has been seen at rallies. white supremacists.

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Sweeney’s brother, Trent, also shared photos from the party on Instagram, with people wearing red hats saying “Make Sixty Great Again”, likely in reference to the Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hats popularized for the first time during his 2016 presidential campaign.

The photos on both Instagram accounts have come under intense scrutiny from social media users, with most comments being made about him and his family’s political party.

Sweeney responded to the backlash on Saturday afternoontelling people “that’s wild”.

“An innocent celebration for my mother’s 60th birthday turned into a nonsensical political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Lots of love to everyone. world and happy birthday mom!” she tweeted.

Sweeney was one of many celebrities who supported Black Lives Matter during the height of the social justice movement following the May 2020 murder of George Floyd.

“(W)e must do better. The hate in this world must end. #BlackLivesMatter,” she tweeted thenas well as a link to “ways to help”.

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