The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service will not tolerate customs evasion as it deprives the Fiji government of revenue through customs duties and taxes that would otherwise be used to fund vital public services such as schools, hospitals and infrastructure .

FRCS Managing Director Mark Dixon said: “Additionally, fraudulent businesses also gain a competitive advantage over honest traders by having lower import costs for their products while selling at the same prices.”

He gave the warning after FRCS agents intercepted another shipment of good attempts to combat customs duty fraud.

In a press release yesterday, Mr Dixon said while reviewing import documents that FRCS officers found discrepancies indicating undeclared goods and upon physical inspection, two cartons of cigarettes and several highly taxable undeclared goods were discovered, including new tires, a sofa, sports equipment, food products. , printer, vehicle accessories, cosmetics and electrical appliances, etc.

He said that last year alone, the FRCS intercepted, detained or seized more than 1,330 different goods at the border.

Mr Dixon encouraged importers to contact the FRCS team on 324300 or 1326 or by email at [email protected] for any assistance or clarification.

He also reminded customs officers and brokers to accurately declare all imported items on invoices, as incorrect declaration may result in penalties and the imposition of stricter measures.

Dixon said the Service encourages voluntary compliance and trusts importers and customs officers to accurately report the type, value and country of origin of goods they bring into the country for which the voucher amount of duties must be paid.