Agriculture Secretary Russell Reading and Aging Secretary Robert Torres recently joined seniors at King Terrace in Phoenixville to announce measures to increase access to boxes of senior food in Pennsylvania.

Renaming the program and removing the income certificate requirement is one of the barriers to state participation to encourage older people to use the program.

Formerly known as the Merchandise Supplement Program, the program previously required seniors to present proof of income when requesting a box of food.

The new procedure only requires an income statement.

“We want to eliminate hunger from the diet of the elderly in Pennsylvania. You don’t have to worry about meals, utilities, or paying for prescriptions.

“They have supported their family and their community throughout their lives, but now we want to support them.

“That’s why we’ve removed income confirmation from our senior food box requirements. We want to make it as easy as possible. So now just indicate in your application that you are eligible for assistance. You can receive it.

The Pennsylvania Senior Food Box is a product of a federally funded product supplement program. It can be stored stable liquid milk, juice, ready-to-eat cereal, rice, pasta, dried beans, peanut butter, canned meat, poultry or fish, fruits and vegetables canned.

Senior Food Boxes are other Pennsylvania foods such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Pennsylvania Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, which provides seniors with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Pennsylvania from summer to summer. autumn. Ideal to complement support programs. ..

Over 300,000 Pennsylvania seniors are eligible for the Pennsylvania Senior Food Box, but only about 35,000 are registered this year. Older people often face barriers to accessing food assistance programs such as mobility, technology and prejudice.

This food box program aims to overcome these barriers by making drop-off or drive-thru available in addition to pickup. We are now removing the proof of income requirement to reduce bias and complexity.

“To support the nutritious foods that older people need, we need to understand the challenges they face in their daily lives and come up with options to overcome those challenges. Independence, positive quality of life.

“We are pleased to support the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture to make this important food aid program more accessible and to encourage qualified seniors to take advantage of this program through the many options available. I urge you. “

Food insecurity and hunger can affect the health and well-being of older people. Low food intake can lead to malnutrition, which increases the risk of disease and worsens existing conditions. Low calorie and nutrient intake can also reduce your ability to stay home without independence or assistance.

State Senator Carolyn Comitta, a member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Chester County Food Bank supporter, joined Reading and Torres in King Terrace.

“Easy access to nutritious food is important for older people to ensure their health, well-being, independence and well-being,” said Mr. Committer. “This program is another tool to fight hunger in the elderly. Older people need to know that food boxes are readily available and safe to use in their communities. “

The Pennsylvania Senior Food Box program is managed by Hunger-Free Pennsylvania on behalf of the Department of Agriculture through a network of 17 food banks serving 67 counties. Upon registration, eligible seniors can choose to receive monthly boxes by pickup, drive-thru, or delivery from program partners such as senior apartments, community senior centers, and grocery stores.

“Seniors are the best generation,” said Sheila Christopher, executive director of Hunter Free Pennsylvania. Today, hundreds of thousands of people find that they don’t have enough food on their tables. PA Senior Food Box will help you. Help us to help them. “

Senior Food Boxes are available to anyone over the age of 60 with a household income below 130% of US poverty levels. That’s $ 16,744 per year for a one-person household and $ 22,646 for a two-person household.

To apply, seniors can call 800-468-2433 to transfer to a local food bank that distributes boxes of senior food in the county. Or online Please complete the Elderly Food Box Request Form.

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