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Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent
The Trade Promotion and Development Agency (ZimTrade) has embarked on a nationwide exercise to engage smallholder farmers with the aim of equipping them with the skills to produce quality agricultural products for the market. export.

It comes as local producers look for ways to enter the global market by producing high-quality, value-added goods and services.

ZimTrade recently met with small farmers from Gokwe and Nkayi for an awareness workshop where issues related to enrichment and added value were discussed.

Farmers who attended included flower and chilli growers as well as mango growers with value-added skills. The workshop also focused on how farmers could meet food safety standards, horticultural certification as well as the requirements to enter the export market.

ZimTrade client advisor Mr. Tawanda Chiware said that opportunities abound in the global market and farmers only need to ensure the added value of their products and meet defined global requirements.

“This is an awareness workshop, which seeks to energize local farmers to compete with regional markets. The seminar aims to raise awareness among farmers to adhere to food safety standards, horticultural certification and the added value of their products so that they can go and seek more in the international market, ”Chiware said.

He said some farmers lack knowledge of what is needed to enter the world market, but there is a huge demand for their products.

“Knowledge transfer is essential to increase Zimbabwe’s export market and this workshop aims to provide the necessary knowledge in the global market,” he said.

“It also aims to answer key questions required by buyers in international markets. Farmers need to know how to enter the export market and know the main issues that buyers need. “

Speaking on behalf of the farmers, Mr. Onismo Tinofa said the workshop was an eye opener.

“As farmers who produce from different value chains. This workshop was very critical. We have learned from good agricultural practices such as using agricultural water, reducing food safety risks during harvesting and packaging as well as hygiene and health, which also translates into ” , did he declare.

The National Development Strategy (SND) 1 emphasizes value addition, which is essential in the production chain by adding both nutrients and monetary value to products.

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