FARMERS in Nkayi and Gokwe should benefit from a ZimTrade initiative to help them increase their production and boost the country’s exports.

ZimTrade client advisor Tawanda Chiware said yesterday at a seminar aimed at raising awareness among Gokwe farmers about food and safety standards, horticultural certification and export market requirements.

Farmers have been trained on how to enter international markets.

“Knowledge transfer is crucial to increase Zimbabwe’s exports and this aims to provide the necessary knowledge on global food export safety standards,” Chiware said.

Floriculture farmer Earnington Wunga said Southern Eye that the workshop provided them with knowledge on quality and food safety (certification) standards for their products, as well as on market penetration issues.

Wunga said small farmers were also informed of mandatory requirements for exporting horticultural products. During the training, flower and pepper growers were also trained in handling products for the export market.

Farmers in Action Co-operative Society (FIAC) board chair Onismo Tinofa said the workshop opened eyes to good agricultural practices such as hygiene and worker health, safe use of water for agriculture and how to reduce safety risks during harvesting. and product packaging.

“Good agricultural practices protect businesses from the consequences of food contamination.

“Small farmers have also learned the importance of adding value that allows them to earn more in the export market while creating jobs,” Tinofa said.

He said adding value was one of the key pillars of the number one national development strategy.

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